The Wendy: YA Historical Fantasy For Fans Of Peter Pan


Interview with authors, Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown

This week, I am interviewing indie authors, Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown. They wrote Tales Of The Wendy series, a retelling of Peter Pan with a whole new plot. The first book, The Wendy, is one of the book club selections in our 8-week creative writing course, Adventure Quest.

Q: Who are you? What genres do you like to write?

A: We’re Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown. You can find us online together as Dragon Authors. We usually write fantasy, but we also enjoy branching out into other genres when the mood strikes.

Q: Tell us about your book/s! What was the inspiration for your book?

A: The Tales of the Wendy series is a retelling of JM Barries’s Peter Pan that combines the warm humor of the original voice in a a brand new story. We always have ideas for new books, and this one just spoke to us the most at the time.

Q: What is your biggest tip for teen writers?

A: Start with a simple outline and put some words down. Even if you just have a small idea, write it down. Capture it. Flesh out whichever idea is speaking to you the most, turn it into a chapter-by-chapter outline, and then write.

The main thing is to finish a draft. Even if you hate parts of it, don’t stop. Finish it. Then change anything you want to. People don’t realize how much work goes into writing a book. It doesn’t start out polished. It gets there after lots of editing rounds. So start by finishing a draft. Polish it later.

Q: Why is clean fiction important for youth and young adults?

A: Clean fiction is important as an option for anyone who wants it. Some people always prefer clean fiction. Some people might be in a mood for it here and there. People read to escape, and a clean read provides a safe place for people to go who want to enjoy that.

One of the best things about the proliferation of self-publishing is the huge number of books and wide variety of books that are now available to the reading public. No matter what you want to read, there are enough choices in that genre to keep you reading for the rest of your life!

Q: When did you know you wanted to be a writer? What was a big challenge you overcame to become the writer you are today?

A: Steven started writing stories for his brothers when he was very young. He’s always told stories. One of the biggest challenges for him was moving from writing for family to writing for the general public. It takes courage to put your stories in front of so many people. If you want to do that and it feels scary, that’s a normal part of the process. Every author has to overcome that to do what they do.

Erin also fell in love with stories at a young age. When she told a middle-school teacher she wanted to write fantasy books, that teacher told her writing fantasy books wasn’t an important job. That simple statement changed Erin’s life for a long time, and she had to overcome that idea to do what she loves. Don’t ever let someone tell you that your dreams aren’t important. If that’s your dream, then that’s what you’re meant to do.

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