Step 2: Mystery Quest: An 8-Week Fun Writing Course

Mystery Quest is the next part of the Story Quest Academy curriculum. This 8 week course focuses on building the foundational skills such as creating compelling characters, point of view types, creating a fun writing routine, and how to use punctuation & capitalization. Some of the fun activities include drawing their character, creating found poetry, making a pie and more!

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How To Research and Add Historical Details To Your Story by Authors Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown



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The course is self-paced, so students can begin at any time

This course is designed to take the student two months from beginning to end. With the self-paced, complete-it-as-you-go format, your writer can take it slow if they need more time finish each lesson or speed up and complete the lessons ahead of schedule. This allows you to customize the course depending on their learning speed and lifestyle. You can hit pause on sick days and pick up right where you left off.

During this 8 week course Story Questers learn about:

  • Create Compelling Characters and Planning Your Story
  • Learn About The Call To Adventure
  • Create A Fun Writing Routine
  • Learn about Mystery Sub-Genres & Cozy Mystery Detectives
  • Read fun mystery novels like Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and Penny Parker
  • Learn About Point Of View
  • Learn about Punctuation & Capitalization

Imagination Boosting Side Quests include:

  • Draw their character
  • Create a Pinterest character inspiration board
  • Create found poetry (also known as blackout poetry)
  • Make a pie
  • Become a sleuth and answer all the clues in the book club discussions

Book Club Discussions

Your little sleuths will read a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys books and a Penny Parker book. This series was made by the main ghost-writer of the Nancy Drew series. Penny is sassier, more advantageous, and even more clever!

She often gets help from a variety of characters including her father, reporter Jerry Livingston, her friend Louise Sidell, and photographer Salt Sommers, making it a blast for both boys and girls alike.

They will get questions to answer, topics to discuss, and fun book activities like making a pie and writing alterative endings.

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How Does It Work?

Story Quest Academy writing courses appeals to the five different learning styles: Auditory, Verbal, Visual, Logical, or Kinesthetic AND the different types of writers: Planners and Explorers.

  • Audio lessons for auditory learners
  • Written lessons for the verbal and logical learners
  • Worksheets and drawing activities to help visual learners visualize the topic
  • Hands-on activities for physical or kinesthetic learners
  • Prompts and worksheets to get the planners from the daydreaming stage to the writing stage
  • Short versions of the worksheets to keep the explorers interested and lessons on story structure to help them write better stories
My goal is to make kids LOVE stories, boost their imagination and cultivate their creativity.

Meet The Team

Amelia Nichole is a professional copywriter, a homeschool graduate, and published short story author. She lives in Northern Idaho with her family, big dog and small flock of quail. She is a business consultant and writer for a design and marketing agency. When she's not writing or reading something, you can find her painting birds.

Ellie Naomi is a Cozy Mystery author, poet and proud homeschool graduate. She lives in the beautiful state of Idaho where she enjoys gardening and making pretty bouquets. She is a Social Media Expert for a local marketing agency.

Nathaniel James is a digital artist and musician/composer specializing in VFX/3D art, digital art, soundtrack production and video editing. He is also the author of the Davis McClair Mysteries graphic novel.

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The Parent Resource Center

The Parent Resource Center has bonus activities like movie and TV show suggestions based on the books your students are reading. 

Evaluation vs Grades

It can be hard to know whether something was an A+ story or a B- and a grade doesn't give much information for your student to know where they need to improve their story.

At Story Quest Academy, we think constructive feedback is the best way to grow as a writer which is why we provide you will evaluation questions to help you provide feedback on your writer's story in thirty minutes or less!

Don't have time or energy to give feedback on your writer's story? No problem!

You can purchase an evaluation by one of the qualified instructors at Story Quest Academy for only $15 per student. This also includes basic grammar and spelling corrections. 

Exclusive Rewards

You will receive an exclusive reward from Story Quest Academy to give your writer once they complete their writing quest! These rewards will help to incentivize them to write and keep them motivated to finish their stories!


In the day and age of texting and emojis, creative writing is an essential subject to help tweens & teens learn how to communicate their thoughts and ideas eloquently. Writing short stories is the best way to have fun while teaching them how to order their thoughts and improve their grammar! They won't even realize its schoolwork!


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    Step 2: Mystery Quest: An 8-Week Fun Writing Course
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