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Our author study worksheets are carefully curated to help students delve into the lives and works of their favorite writers. By completing these worksheets, students will gain a deeper understanding of their chosen authors' inspirations and motivations.
In addition to the worksheets, our free bundle also includes author trading cards. Author trading cards are an exciting and interactive way for students to delve into the lives of their favorite authors. Not only will they get to draw a picture of the author, but they'll also discover interesting facts about their writing routines. This unique activity not only sparks creativity but also encourages critical thinking as students analyze an author's impact on literature.




If you’ve ever wondered how famous authors like E.B. White, Mark Twain, and Jane Austen were able to write amazing book after book, then this is the class for you! In this live session, we’ll delve into the secrets we can learn from these renowned authors’ writing routines and learn how to apply them to our own writing practice, plus the Story Quest secret writing sprint method to double your word count!

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