Short for "Engagement Points", EP are points awarded for engagement!

You can see how much EP you have earned at all times by looking at the header bar.  You'll see total EP and then EP broken down by product when you click on the total # of...

  • The biggest problem I had with writing courses as a writer was they all were goofy and silly instead of FUN. Our courses teach skills through writing short stories and  fun activities such as drawing a map and writing a letter.

  • No, the whole course is available on the website as audio and written lessons. Students will receive email accountability and regular check-ins in the writing community.

  • Our course is available through our online learning software, which allows students to earn Experience Points for every lesson viewed and completed. We will provide you with printables and downloadable worksheets through the course.

  • The Parent Resource Center has evaluation questions to help parents provide feedback on your writer’s story in thirty minutes or less! Or you can opt for one of the Story Quest instructors to provide feedback on...

  • Yes! Students interact on the private writing community with through writing sessions, providing positive feedback, and discussing books. I encourage everyone to form live book clubs with friends and family as well as post their answers to the...

  • You should create a student account on Story Quest Academy. You can always change the name after you setup the account.

  • You just need an email address for each student. Once you have signed up for the first account, just log out by clicking on your name in the right hand corner and click log out. You will be able to sign up for another account.

  • All Story Quest courses are intended for Middle Grade and High School students so the age range is 8-17.