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Guest Blog: 4 Books For Dinosaur Fans by Derek Born

There’s something truly engaging about books with dinosaurs. Even when paleontologists keep giving us more information from their findings, it’s always fun to guess at what they looked like beyond the bones. Skin color, what they sounded like,... Read more

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    Guest Blogs
    Did you know that there are a bunch of secret hidden benefits to learning creative writing beyond improving storytelling skills? For teenagers in particular, creative writing can have a lot of
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    A Year of Poetry Tea Time: The Essential Guide to Everything Poetry and Tea is a delightful book created to provide a resource for parents who wanted to share and learn about poetry with their children.

    With 300+ poems,... Read more

  • Gifts For The Homeschooling Family
    Gifts For The Homeschooling Family

    We've made a list of all the things that homeschool parents desperately want! Do you want to make a homeschooling family's day? If they don't have this, they want it, guaranteed! Click on the links to take you to all... Read more

  • <em>Edit Promo Post</em> A Fun 8-Week Creative Writing Course
    <em>Edit Promo Post</em> A Fun 8-Week Creative Writing Course

    This 5-day challenge perfect is for the whole family! Your students will learn about writing an outline, write a mini Christmas story and have a story reading party with fun snacks and activities!

    You'll... Read more

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    Creative Writing Corner

    At Story Quest Academy, we challenge teens to write a new short story every month using a fun prompt and provide easy-to-understand education on writing from first draft to published story. Writing short stories provide a lot... Read more

  • Readers Nook
    Readers Nook

    Finding good books for your teenager to read that encourages that their love of reading and writing can be difficult. I've been shopping for four... Read more

  • <em>Edit Promo Post</em> A Fun 8-Week Creative Writing Course
    <em>Edit Promo Post</em> A Fun 8-Week Creative Writing Course

    Story Quest Academy is writing course designed to help guide teens on their quest to become better writers. It's packed with fun activities, easy-to-understand education and a book club! ... Read more

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  • Readers Nook
    Readers Nook

    I remember fondly the nights my Dad would read us stories at bedtime with the full range of voices for each of the characters. My brother, sisters and I would call for an encore and he would appease us with just one more... Read more