Adventure Quest: A Fun Creative Writing Course For Ages 8-12

Does your kid draw a blank when it comes to writing essays, yet spends hours telling fanciful stories, playing video games, or discussing superhero cartoons?

Adventure Quest to the rescue! This comprehensive 8-week creative writing course teaches your kids writing skills through fun literature based activities and writing short stories. They will build their vocabulary, learn grammar, develop writing skills, and a whole lot more. It's so fun, they won't even realize it's schoolwork!

No Prep - Hands Off - Super Fun

This quest is recommended for kids 8-12 or beginning writers to unleash their creativity.

Don't just take our word for it, see what other students and parents had to say!

I liked that it addressed problems that are NEVER addressed anywhere else, like the writers block, and how to focus better. The story planning was good too, and it helped me lay out my story. - Dalton, Student age 14
It was great to see my kids enjoying a writing class so much! - Janice D. Parent
I liked the side quests a LOT they were really fun, especially the one with the pirates! And I liked learning about the parts of a story! - Belle, Student age 12


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What's included

  • 10 creative writing and grammar lessons
  • 4 vocabulary building activities
  • 7 fun literature based activities
  • 13 printable and interactive worksheets


  • Making an outline
  • The Story Quest short story template
  • How to write an adventure story
  • How to conquer writer's block
  • The Hero's Journey story structure
  • How to write a letter to an author
  • Grammar lessons on nouns, verbs, punctuation and capitalization

Fun literature based activities including:

  • All season's scavenger hunt printables
  • Making an origami paper boat craft
  • Treasure Island book club questions
  • Treasure Island party game
  • Movies to watch and compare to books
  • Peter Pan book club questions
  • How to create a music playlist for a story
  • How to write poetry with secret messages
  • How to draw a map

Vocabulary building activities:

  • Nautical terms word search
  • Pirate slang vocabulary test
  • Peter Pan word search
  • Peter Pan vocabulary test

Focused On Nurturing A Love Of Classic Books


Students will read two books, the classic Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and Peter Man by J.M. Barrie. These books are available for free online as ebooks and audiobooks. We recommend fully illustrated abridged classics for ages 8-12 and beginning readers. 

We provide book club questions and topics to discuss in our private community along with fun literature based activities and family-friendly movies and TV shows to fully immerse them in great literature.

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The Writing Academy I Wish Existed When I Was A Teen

I created the Story Quest Academy because I have a genuine passion for fiction writing, empowering kids to tell their stories and sharing what I've learned from twelve years as a professional writer. I believe everyone has a story to tell, and I want to help them say it well.

Constructive Feedback On Every Story

At Story Quest Academy, we think constructive feedback is the best way to grow as a writer. Every student gets a FREE story evaluation from one of our instructors. This includes a filled out copy of the story evaluation workbook plus basic grammar and spelling corrections. 

In the day and age of texting and emojis, creative writing is an essential subject to help teens learn how to communicate their thoughts and ideas eloquently. Writing short stories is the best way to have fun while teaching them how to order their thoughts and improve their grammar! They won't even realize its schoolwork!

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What People Are Saying...

  • Yesterday I started with an inspiration exercise and watched them go from, "not really interested" to "ideas sparking their imagination and being excited about creating an idea of a character". I can't wait to see what they will do with the 8 week course. I'm a..." Read more
    Adventure Quest: A Fun Creative Writing Course For Ages 8-12
    Shelly S.
    Adventure Quest: A Fun Creative Writing Course For Ages 8-12