Clean Fiction Blog Tour March 2021

Author Interview: Mollie E. Reeder

Let's celebrate clean fiction!

If you are like many new homeschoolers, you are seeking clean fiction for your family. Story Quest Academy has teamed up with indie authors, parents and homeschoolers share our favorite clean stories and talk about the importance of clean fiction for kids and young adults!

Why should you participate? There will be prizes!

The more posts you share and comment on, the more chance you have to win! The prizes include:

  1. A Story Quest Academy Scholarship
  2. Postcards from Julie Gilbert
  3. An ebook copy of The Last Motley by D.J. Edwardson
  4. A West & Wendy ebook & printable coloring book from Courtenay Kasper
  5. An audiobook of The Electrical Menagerie by Mollie E. Reeder
  6. An ebook of Common by Laurie Lucking
  7. A paperback copy of How Kimba Saved The World by Meg Dendler,
  8. A ebook of Spark by J.M. Hackman
  9. A ebook short story from Ellie Naomi
  10. A ebook of Tales of Ayphae by Ian Vroon
  11. A ebook of Wind of Choice by Marty C. Lee

Be sure to tag @StoryQuesters when you share a post so we can count your entry!

What Is Story Quest Academy?

Story Quest Academy is a virtual writing and reading academy for homeschooling teens! Each course has a book club focusing on wholesome, clean, classic and indie fiction. Packed with fun activities and easy-to-understand education, we’re teaching the next generation of writers! 

What Is Clean? Clean fiction are stories without graphic violence, explicit sexuality, or strong profanity.

What Is Indie? Indie stories are published by authors or small presses. If the author is listed as the publisher on Amazon, it's indie!

Join us in March for a celebration of independently publish clean fiction!

March 1st    Story Quest Academy - Why Clean Fiction Is Important + Top 10 Clean Indie Books

March 2nd    Ellie Naomi - Why I Write and Love Clean Fiction + Hannah Anderson Mysteries

March 3rd    Julie C. Gilbert - Many Flavors of Kid-Friendly Clean Reads

March 4th    Jasmine Natasha - Author Interview with Laurie Lucking

March 5th    Liz Delton - The Alchemyst's Mirror

March 6th    Mark Hansen - Why We Love Fantasy

March 7th    Ian Vroon - Ayphae • A World Beyond Your Imagination

March 8th    Story Quest Academy - Author Interview: Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown

March 9th    Nicholas Kotar - Two Excellent Pirate Books Set in Gorgeous Fantasy Worlds

March 10th    J.M. Hackman - Spark: Firestarting & Neurodiversity

March 11th    Mark Hansen - Excerpt from A Tale Of Heroes

March 12th    Courtenay Kasper - Why I Write Clean Fiction + West & Windy Book

March 13th    Debbie Schreffler - Excerpt from A Farmer's Wife: A Biblical Retelling of Ruth

March 14th    Story Quest Academy - Author Interview: Mollie E. Reeder

March 15th    Steven Guglich - Why I Write Clean Fiction

March 16th    Laurie Lucking - A Story Snippet from Traitor!

March 17th    Julie Gilbert - Clean Fiction Audiobooks

March 18th    Meg Dendler - Middle Grade and YA Clean Fiction

March 19th    Nicholas Kotar

March 20th   Courtenay Kasper - Clean Fiction Books I Love

March 21st    Story Quest Academy - Author Interview with Jasmine Natasha

March 22nd   Molly Casperson

March 23rd    D.J. Edwardson - The Last Motley

March 24th    Marty C Lee - YA fantasy with dragons, princesses, or magic

March 25th    Molly Casperson

March 26th    Mark Hansen

March 28th    Story Quest Academy - Interview with Heather Love Fitzgerald

March 29th    Debbie Schreffler - Clean Fiction Books I Love

March 30th    Nicholas Kotar

March 31st    Molly Casperson

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