Adventure Quest: Fun Writing and Reading Course For Teens

Adventure Quest is a two-month short story writing and reading course packed with fun activities, easy-to-understand education, and rewards to keep teens motivated. We designed this course to help your student grow with step-by-step education about the writing process from planning to editing. We teach technical skills while encouraging artistic expression!

Why Does It Work?

I tailored the course for the five different learning styles: Auditory, Verbal, Visual, Logical, or Kinesthetic AND the different types of writers: Planners and Explorers. With audio lessons, written lessons, worksheets to help the student visualize the topic, story analysis and hands-on activities, Story Quest Academy writing courses appeals to ALL types of learning.

My goal is to make kids LOVE stories, boost their imagination and cultivate their creativity.

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During this two-month course Story Questers learn about:

  • Creating a full outline from a summary sentence
  • The five stages in every short story
  • The essential elements in adventure stories
  • How to conquer Writer's Block
  • The Hero's Journey story structure
  • The Ordinary World stage of the Hero's Journey
  • Action Beats and how you can use them to improve your story
  • Grammar refresher on verbs and grammar errors to avoid

Imagination Boosting Side Quests include:

  • Running writing sprints with their friends
  • Creating a story playlist
  • Drawing a map of their story
  • And more!

The Whole Family Can Join In The Book Club Discussion

Students will read two books, the classic Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and the indie book, The Wendy by Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown. Many of the classical books we read are available for free. The indie book is not included for free.

They will get questions to answer, topics to discuss, and fun book activities like the Treasure Island Pirates game to fully immerse themselves in the book.

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Hi there, I’m Amelia Nichole

I'm a professional copywriter, a homeschool graduate, and published short story author. I live in Northern Idaho with my family, my big dog and a small flock of quail. I am a Marketing Specialist and copywriter for a design and marketing agency. When I'm not writing or reading something, you can find me painting birds or gardening.

The Writing Academy I Wish Existed When I Was A Teen

I created the Story Quest Academy because I have a genuine passion for fiction writing, empowering teens to tell their stories and sharing what I've learned from nine years as a professional writer. I believe everyone has a story to tell and I want to help them say it well.


This course is designed to take the student two months from beginning to end. With the self-paced, complete-it-as-you-go format, your teenager can take it slow if they need more time finish each lesson or speed up and complete the lessons ahead of schedule. This allows you to customize the course depending on their learning speed and lifestyle. You can hit pause on sick days and pick up right where you left off.

Designed For Parent Participation

The Parent Resource Center has evaluation questions to help you provide feedback on your teen's story in thirty minutes or less!

You will receive an exclusive reward from Story Quest Academy to give your teenage writer once they complete their writing quest! These rewards will help to incentivize them to write and keep them motivated to finish their stories!

Here is a sneak peek of the printable bookmark prizes your teen will unlock in this Adventure Quest!

In the day and age of texting and emojis, creative writing is an essential subject to help teens learn how to communicate their thoughts and ideas eloquently. Writing short stories is the best way to have fun while teaching them how to order their thoughts and improve their grammar! They won't even realize its schoolwork!

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